March 11, 2009

Not so bad my biggest weekness……..beer1


In better news I did prepare a very nice weight watchers meal…..Chicken Fajitas with extra spice!! AmaZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!img_11111


Diet Count Down….

March 3, 2009

I have decide that the dreaded Diet starts Monday March 9th. Actually, my friend Michelle’s bday, but other then that not such a good day. I must say goodbye to pizza and others for a while…

New Love of the weekend….Crab & artichoke Dip…(oh and that’s kristine’s bf the chef of this wonderful dip) Love it!!DIP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Last night’s shame, but also love…What can I say it was my husband’s celebration of birth!               

My second love                                   


The Bloated Bar Mitzvah

March 3, 2009

On Saturday, very close friends of the family had their 3rd child’s Bar Mitzvah. Let me tell you this family knows how to have a good time!


It was at the Battle Ground Country Club in Manalapan, NJ. We missed the cocktail hour due to a flat tire, I was not happy! I made my rounds quickly until a waiter kindly asked me to lay off the leftovers so they could clean up. (not my finest hour) Thankfully, there was bread already on the table. I ate mine so fast I started to get jealous that my mother had not even looked at hers! I stole it! I had to it was bread for god sake!

They then had Caesar salad course which is great bc my step father Shawn doesn’t like Caesar!!! I had to share that one with my husband…..grr…

Isn't my husband cute?!

Then the man course!!! Whooohooo!!! The choices were Salmon (I’m allergic) and Chateaubriand = wonderful meat!!!! It came with potatoes! It was wonderful. Of course the children had something different a buffet of hot dogs and French fries. NOT FAIR!! I went to that also, I mean I am kind of a child about something’s right?

Hot diggety dog!

The dessert was more then I dreamed of……cookies and an ice cream bar!!! I dipped my head in that!!!

Living in Sweat Pants

February 28, 2009

I miss my jeans….Oh they were so comfortable when I was thinner….But alas I live in sweat pants. They do nothing for my figure!!!

At difficult time like this I like to look at my mentors in this journey such as…

 Hit me baby one more time                            J Love

                                                                   and of course my favorite….Jenny Craig's worst nightmare

My Big Fat italian/Irish A$$

February 27, 2009
Hi! I started this blog, because I need some motivation. When I was young I really didn’t worry about what I ate and how I looked, because I really didn’t have to. I never gained all that much weight. About 3 years ago that started to change. I was still partying it up like I was 18 but I wasn’t I was 23. That is all fine, except for the fact that my excessive drinking, partying and then calling “Pizza City”, “Pizzanini” or any other late night pizza place was taking a toll on my body mainly my butt. I went from a size 4 to a size 8 (not to shabby) but, then it just got bigger and bigger. Now, I am by no means fat. At all…well maybe my butt. I just am a larger version of my self, or as my good friend Kristine would say (never about me, bc she loves me) “a swollen version of myself”.
The scary fact is that I may not look that bad, but I have notice certain health issues. My back is more, sore, I am out of breath quickly, my joints always ache and it is difficult to sleep many times because of my back pain. This can’t go on. I am telling you that I am going to stop. I am putting an end to this!
I just have few problems…


Problem 1. I love food. I mean love it! I’m Italian and I grew up in a very Italian family, that if you did not eat they thought you were sick, sad or just an asshole. About ten years ago my Aunt Connie (God rest her sole) ask my bf at the time (now my husband believe it or not) if he would like some Ellios pizza or a sandwich. He refused and from then on he was known as “Chiarina’s (that’s me) Pollock bf that refused food from an old lady”. I wonder what she would say now that I am married to him.

Problem 2. My husband. I love him I really do, but he loves food even more then I do! Want Chinese? Want a grill cheese with bacon? Want to order spicy chicken pasta? I went to taco bell, don’t worry I didn’t forget about you.” great that’s looks good, of course!!

Problem 3. My favorite foods: Pizza (hence pizza loving princess) (side note I am not exactly a fucking princess…unless it’s princess of the truck drivers, I just am a bit high maintance), cheese, specially melted cheese, Dip I mean almost any kinds of dip. Onion dip, artichoke dip, fondue, salsa, Chili’s queso dip and of course Kristine’s famous seven layer dip. French fries, specially wendy’s fries. Bread who doesn’t love bread and butter?
 Chilis Queso

God help me as I say goodbye to my butt!   

Hello world!

February 27, 2009

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!